Swamp Kauri – Small Bowl

Kauri; a strength of the New Zealand forest, with a name associated with standing tall. A timber of many temperaments, colours and foibles. It comes in plain, wavy grained, with a glow or marble.

The challenges as always worth it and this bowl - which is actually Swamp Kauri and many thousands years old, produced such a challenge.

Swamp Kauri:
The log for this piece came from the south of Auckland in the Papakura area. The logs work their way up through the swamp and are mined for the beauty of their wood.

A sort of long-term recycling process. Working these logs and their stumps as a form of recycling mining. One never knows what fabulous piece of timber is under the dirt, stones, gum and general debris.

The pieces such as this one come from the base amongst the root tops and buttresses. Always full of gum, lots of colour and a positive challenge to bring out into the open.

Various types of Kauri can be found for or provided by a client for comissioned work.