Recycled Kauri weatherbooard

Yes, truely mixed wood - possibly should be called recycled magic. Often I work with laminated and joined wood.

The Bowl has a wonderful history. The base is a piece of kauri weatherboard saved from an early rennovation of our house - yes we have been here for over thirty years.

The middle bit, the laminated timber, is recycled from a new form of structural timber: lineal veneer. The plank of timber as cut into long pieces of veneer thickness and then re-glued. Sometimes there are bits left over and collected by curious Woodturners for use in bowls or items such as this one.

The rim is made from recycled native timber flooring; offcuts from recycled timber going into new floors. The Rimu provides a good contrast to the white of the Pinus radiata - a specially grown, sustainability produced, construction timber.

There are always new challenges in the use of the combined timbers.