Pacific textures

The concept of Pacific textures is to to provide a finish which provides both visual and kinetic responses - almost asking to be picked up and touched.

The concept draws on local Pacific basket weave idiom. i have combined the patterns with current pyrographic texturing trends.
The pattern on this bowl reflects a very earthy uplift : Regular , however, not quite even.There was a lot of fun given in its development - in the end produced a satisfying result .

The work for the Royal Easter show 2012 gained a merit prize..

That wood used in this piece was a special type of New Zealand native Rimu. When the wood grows in this way , it is called Kaikoke. The holes are formed while the trees are still growing. The result is a neat set of holes running in parallel producing what looks like a deliberate effect - much fun to turn.

The Pacific texture series is being developed and standard woods such as macrocarpa and pepperwood
are available for commission requests.