Prize Winning – Fiddleback Maple

Prize-winning bowl
This small bowl made from gifted timber - Fiddleback Maple from British Columbia, was my first major competition step: First prize in Open Novice section at the 2010 National Wood Skills competition.

I had been working on getting the concept of 'uplift' working. Many bowls and trials came before this piece.The hard to come by Maple made me be careful and stay within my design. Often this wood does not work by itself and needs design and flow to show off the best.

The Shadows and lines highlight the fiddleback, a technique I work these features into our native timbers such as Kauri - which has a wonderful fiddleback expression named after a small native fish; the whitebait. The fish swims in small shoals and gives off a shiny fiddleback show.

Bowls like this are available on commission.