Pacific textured Macrocarpa


The tree known as Cupressus Macrocarpa or Monterey Cypress,or New Zealand terms; Macrocarpa, has a wonderful golden timber, beautiful grain and gorgeous wavy streaks and has been growing in New Zealand for a long time. There are many trees that are over 100 years old and available for harvesting.

I was first introduced to the timber for furniture, then later for carving and wood turning. The timber survives well in the open fading off to a silver grey.

Pacific textures
As the wood has a wonderful surface for texturing and Pyrography, it was a perfect vehicle to start developing the Pacific textures series. the development of a basket weave requires precision and patience - something that has improved with a series.

There is a joy in seeing the pattern and texture unravel around a large bowl such as this one. The bright and light colour of the wood provides a great background for the ebony texture.

The bowl has a standard food safe finishand can be used as a normal domestic ware.

Bowls of the style can be made on request.