my name is Graeme Mackay  and I am happily a woodturner. I have been a woodworker for many years. I started out in carving and making wooden instruments then in the last decade moved into woodturning. I have been supported in this endeavour through the guidance and mentoring from senior members of the South Auckland Woodturning Guild in Auckland, New Zealand.

My  workshop is a long-term project that started as a pigeon loft left by the previous owners and now some 30 years later, has made the transition into a workable woodshop. The timbers have been recycled from a variety of projects including renovations to our near 100-year-old house. The workshop wouldn’t have been finished without the help of all of my sons.

The workshop like our inner-city house is a work-in-progress, helped by the enjoyment of a setting amongst tall trees, and a host of native birds – plus the odd stray.

Welcome, I hope you enjoy the website and the pieces I have enjoyed creating.


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