Been working hard, but hardly working on my blog

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Graeme Mackay Wood Turning - The Grey Lynn Wood TurnerWhen I started this website I thought I would need to update this blog constantly but I am very grateful for the amount of work that has poured through this website. So after almost two and a half years I have decided to update my blog.

First, thank you to all the people who I have worked with over this time. I continue to learn from so many of you and I am proud to have you as friends. To the people who chose to get work from me thank you, and as always know I am here for all your requests.

Over the next few months I will release some retrospective blog posts on the jobs I have really enjoyed and I hope you enjoy them to. I have made giant wooden plugs for underwater pipelines, created vases for the new prequel to ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon’, collaborated on some amazing pieces with sculptural artists like Natalie Guy and Karley Feaver, taught various levels of wood-turning and continued to create and develop my own work.

Graeme Mackay


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