Welcome to the Woodturner from Grey Lynn

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Welcome to my website

My name is Graeme Mackay.

I am a Woodturner living and working in the wonderful  Republic of Grey Lynn and happy to have this website to share my work with you.

A long time woodworker:  Starting in carving, repairwork ,toy making and the odd wooden instrument. On a significant birthday. a decision was made to move  into woodturning. I was fortunate to have the guidance and mentoring from senior members of the South Auckland Woodturning Guild in Auckland, New Zealand.

My  workshop is a long-term project that started life as a pigeon loft. Now,  some 30 years later, there has been a slow transformation into a workable small tight workshop.

A very recycled project:

The timbers and flooring  have been recycled from a variety of projects including renovations to our  house and others nearby. The original  part of the house is over 100 years old.   Some of the window frames came from the first renovation (1981) and  had been in the original house (1909) for over ninety years. The coloured window glass is from other older houses(1903)  in the street. Flooring timber  that is over fifty years old and has been recovered, rennovated and given a new life in the Studio/workshop.

Work is helped by the enjoyment of a setting amongst tall trees ; native (Puriri), Fruit and other. they are populated by a host of native and other birds . The inevitable woodchips get recycled into a number of inner city and local hen houses. The advantage of non-treated timber is that off-cuts and design misses go into the slow burner in the winter or to the BBQ in the summer.

Welcome to my  website and the pieces I enjoy creating.



ps: The site was designed and constructed  through an enormous and very calm effort from my son Stuart, who patiently bulldozed me through the learning process of a website.


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